Karen’s Diner Coming to St. Louis Soon

St. Louis will soon be home to a pop-up restaurant that serves burgers and fries along with some sass.

Karen’s Diner asks that customers “sit and shut down” at the immersive pop-up shop. It will be at an undisclosed location along Gravois Avenue in September. The restaurant concept promises “great burgers” and “very rude service” as it is one of only 10 stops scheduled in the United States.

It will have a 1950s vibe with lots of bright pinks and purples. You can expect a turbulent service from waiters in vintage attires and guest appearances by the manager. He is billed as “the most Karen Karen” ever. (You can read more about the term “Karen”.

Karen’s Diner’s menu includes handcrafted burgers and fries, as well as shakes, shakes, and cocktails. There are plenty of choices for vegetarians and vegans.

$15 early-bird tickets are available. These will be deducted from your bill at the end. Reservations are required and no refunds will be given. Minors are not allowed to visit the venue before 6 p.m.